TabTalks | Wave Makers Award
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Wave Makers Award

Working for the ocean

Wave Makers Award

In 2016 JP and I put in an application for a WaveMakers grant! Before we knew what we were going to do, why this was an important topic, or how to make the complexity of oceans into a simple game, we had a name, Shrimps Matter, and a dream to spend the summer talking about games. We had no idea at the time how this grant would change things for us, for TabTalks, or for serious gaming in Ottawa.

We proposed designing and producing a game that would teach people in Ottawa the importance of ocean ecosystems and as the summer progressed we took our research on issues facing the ocean and tried to apply them to a game design. Some of the options we explored were too complicated, too boring, too simple, or had no learning embedded in them – and then we found our mechanism and Shrimps Matter was really born.

Personally, the WaveMakers grant deepened my learning around oceans, helped me connect with talented ImpactHUB members whom I will continue to work with and support, and provided me with a high quality product that I can share with others both as a learning tool and as a demonstration of what TabTalks can produce. I feel Shrimps Matter has helped fuel TabTalks and demonstrates how serious gaming is a viable option in adult learning.

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