TabTalks | Innovators Vs. the No-Machine
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Innovators Vs. the No-Machine

Working together to innovate

Innovators Vs. the No-Machine

Can any one be innovative? What about in a large organization with institutional norms that do not reward taking risks (or the potential for failure)? Ensuring that employees are open to sharing their ideas and flexible in how, when, and by whom those ideas are implemented is fundamental to any organization looking to grow and be innovative.

Innovators Vs. the No-Machine pits players against each other as everyone tries to implement as many innovative projects as possible. But there is a catch – there is a fifth player, the organization, and as the game progresses this player creates more and more barriers to success.

This game is available bilingually in French and English.

Play time: 90 – 120 minutes
Debrief: 30 minutes (plenary)
Players: 4
Best played with multiple groups playing simultaneously and with a plenary debrief.