Working alone is boring and limits creativity. Tabatha thrives in groups (and sunshine), borrowing ideas and building new opportunities with others. TabConnects is where Tabatha’s curiosity to explore new ideas and make connections between people comes to the fore.

Tabatha uses various media channels to share her ideas, but also to connect people and projects with others. Tabatha brings her energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to develop ideas in partnerships through TabConnects.

Collaborations and partners:

The Global Disaster Innovation Group develops solutions for real world challenges, by offering expertise before, during and after a disaster strikes. Working through the Field Innovation Team, the Global Disaster Innovation Group uses the latest in innovative techniques, practices, disaster tracking and reporting to support survivors. Tabatha is a member of the Field Innovation Team.

Jean-Philippe is a fiction writer and gamer who has been plotting, scheming and working with Tabatha since their days at Environment Canada. He has become a key collaborator in developing TabTalks’ games. With his extensive experience in storytelling he brings a unique flavour to several of TabTalks game projects, including Shrimps Matter.

TabTalks is delighted to be working with Kat Kavanagh at This is Capra. Her company builds custom applications, with a focus on experimenting with new tools and finding the right solution for a problem. Kat has experience in game design and is a graphic designer. Kat developed a logo and concepts for the cards as well as facilitated the printing of high-quality final versions of Shrimps Matter.

Always one to challenge the status-quo and help others ask difficult questions, Tabatha is happy to be a founding participant in The League of Social Intrapreneurs in Canada. The League supports change from within organizations and promotes proactive, socially-motivated (and risk-taking) individuals innovating from within institutions and corporations.

Tabatha is working with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Lab – a safe space that uses design thinking to explore service to business problems and help clients develop prototype solutions. Tabatha will be working on a diverse range of projects including exploring Blockchain as a tool within the government and designing a game to explore well-being in the workplace. Tabatha loves diversity in projects and learning about new areas, plus – the Lab has sticky notes and writable walls; things she loves.

Tabatha has developed two games for IN.spire, Natural Resources Canada’s Innovation Hub. Both of these games are demonstrate innovation and creativity in a government workplace. IN.spire is the Government of Canada’s first innovation lab and focuses on empowering individuals and exploring new ways of working, sentiments Tabatha shares.

Tabatha had a number of opportunities to work with Royal Rhodes University in disaster risk reduction and resilience including assisting in research on social media and resilience, creating a youth based innovation network, and advising students on aspects of their thesis.