Tabatha thinks that meetings are often boring and seldom achieve anything! Tabatha also believes that only meaningful (and usually face-to-face) discussions result in real solutions. This contradiction comes together in TabFacilitates.

Meetings don’t have to be dull, conferences don’t have to be talking heads, workshops are not just about experts. Tabatha doesn’t profess to have all the answers, but believes your team does and can help them articulate it through conscious process design and the use of appropriate tools and techniques, including games, that help increase interest and participation.

Tabatha designs fun and engaging agendas as an alternative to traditional meetings, retreats, conferences or workshops. Tabatha believes collaboration is the key to being constructive and works to develop sessions that engage all participants in lively discussions. Tabatha has facilitated meetings for groups as small as four people and interactive conferences of over 300 people.

Tabatha can also develop custom designed curriculum to help your team develop their facilitation potential. Working with you and your team, Tabatha can identify some of the challenges you might face in your workplace and then design facilitation and deliberative dialogue training to help your team have the capacity to address these issues in a meaningful way.

Tired of dull meetings or talking heads at your conference? Want to try something new? Want to explore how games or new techniques can make your processes engaging and collaborative? Let TabFacilitates work her magic.