Playing REStruktTabatha likes to challenge the status quo and get people to think differently about the world around them. Challenging assumptions and changing the way people work together isn’t easy. Friendly competition is a great way to get people to explore new ideas and issues, while having fun. Tabatha designs games that have all the components for success, but sets people up to fail so that they can learn.

Tabatha’s games stimulate face-to-face conversations that empower communities to identify their own opportunities and solutions. Through purposeful play, paradigms can be challenged in a safe environment and new norms can emerge. Tabatha’s games provide a shared understanding and common language which allow for groups to create solutions together.Launch 1

Tabatha builds custom games to help you and your organization explore complex problems, emerging opportunities, or learning and social-cultural changes. Tabatha has worked many clients, including Natural Resources Canada’s IN.spire Innovation Hub and the World Wildlife Fund, to design games that facilitate learning around complex issues.

Tabatha also advises on the development of games as facilitation tools and is quick to point out the difference between gamification and game design. Her understanding of these two concepts has helped others moving into the space create appropriate solutions to emerging problems.

Games designed by TabTalks:

  1. REStrukt; empowering your community – This first suite of games are focused on community engagement and exploring the complex and emotive relationships in a community faced with a challenge.
  2. Rival Effort; effective is efficient – A collaboration with BitNomad, this game explores process optimization and efficiency strategies, asking players to explore how to manage their effort between projects.
  3. The Social Media Game; new tools in a government context – Designed for IN.Spire this game captures learning from official policies and create a deeper level of awareness of social media within a Government of Canada context.
  4. Innovators vs. The No Machine; ideas are not enough – Designed for IN.spire to foster an understanding of the opportunities for innovation in a federal government workplace context.
  5. The Leauge; a way of being – Designed for a kick-off event for the League of Social Intrapreneurs at the Strategic Innovation Lab at the Ontario Collage of Art and Design, this games facilitates discussion on the key characteristics of intrapreneurship.
  6. Shrimps Matter; learning to protect the oceans – A collaboration with JP Veilleux, this game demonstrates the interconnected and fragile nature of an ocean ecosystem (current content is based around a Canadian Maritime ecosystem).

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