Shrimps Matter; learning to protect the oceans

Launch announcement
Shrimps Matter was launched on Tuesday December 15th at Impact HUB Ottawa.
You can now download and print your own copy or order a fully printed version.

Overfishing, illegal fishing, habitat damage, pollution, bycatch and climate change all affect the marine ecosystem in a compounding way. The Shrimps Matter game raises awareness on issues regarding Canadian oceans. The gameĀ  helps players make easy lifestyle choices to protect the oceans.

shrimps-logoWith the support of WWF-Canada and HUB Ottawa, and their Wave Makers micro-grant, Tabatha and her collaborator, JP Veilleux, designed Shrimps Matter. The game was extensively beta tested and improved to make sure it informs and engages players as well as compels them to take action. The process of developing Shrimps Matter was open and iterative, with participation from friends and followers in Ottawa (#shrimpsmatter).

This game is fast-learning and easily reproducible in order to enable communities to download it and play it autonomously. Of course, if need arises, both Tabatha and JP are be available to help organize and facilitate events in which the game will be used.

Shrimps Matter is TabTalks first game available in both French and English!