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Why play? A few notes on games, gamification and serious gaming

A game is a structured for of play which has a specific goal, rules, a feedback system and voluntary participation from players. Games are usually played for enjoyment, but can be used as an educational tool. Gamification uses basic game design techniques (goals through rewards, feedback through points, and competition...

TabTalks with Enjoyable Job

In June, TabTalks was interviewed by CarolAnne Black from Enjoyable Job about building games, quitting her job and trust. The interview highlights following leads, networking and taking a chance, creating not only a business but a better life! Enjoyable Job is a website dedicated to helping others who are thinking...

TabWrites on virtual community development

What makes a good virtual team? How can you build trust and community in an on-line environment? TabTalks and Blaise Hebert explored this at Policy Horizons Canada and co-authored The Heartbeat of On-line Collaboration; Giving a monkey a scalpel doesn’t make him a surgeon