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Working for the ocean

Failing Successfully

In March, I wrote a blog on games vs. gamifcation. It was supposed to be the beginning of regularly sharing my learnings from the last five years of building my own business. A few days after posting it, I started another blog on failure. It...

An award winning game!

In May of 2017, Can I Help? was launched and within the first six weeks, over 1000 people had played it. My reward is watching the conversations that people have while they play my games; the moments where people are listening and sharing, the insights people game,...

Community Safety Planning with Public Safety Canada

From March 2016 through till March 2017 I had the honour to work on a very important project with Public Safety Canada - redesigning, and then teaching, a new process to support Canadian Indigenous communities in crisis. The project, for me, culminated in a giant...