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Working for the ocean

Failing Successfully

In March, I wrote a blog on games vs. gamifcation. It was supposed to be the beginning of regularly sharing my learnings from the last five years of building my own business. A few days after posting it, I started another blog on failure. It...

Gamification vs. Games

For a while, people were trying to "gamify everything". Or maybe there has been a push to "-ify” our lives. We “Shopify" our online stores and "Googlefy” our office spaces. We think that by making nouns into verbs we are simplifying our lives. The problem...

TechChill 2018

Sometimes you know you are in the right place at the right time. TechChill 2018 was the right place and just the right time. After moving to Europe and trying to find a footing, TechChill was where I needed to be. Suddenly I realized that the...