Want to change the way you are doing things?
Want to explore problems in a new and creative way?

What is new with TabTalks

On September 30th I relaunched REStrukt at the IAP2 Conference in Montreal. The 75 minute session highlighted the differences between “gamification” and “serious games” and how these can be used for dialogue and engagement.

TabTalks’ philosophy

I believe that together we have the answers to the complex problems we face as a society. We just need to create spaces to help us listen to, and learn from, each other. I design those space to bring people together.


TabPlays. Seriously! Tabatha likes to challenge the status quo, get people to think differently about the world around them and examine their assumptions. She does this by designing games specifically to explore issues, come to an understanding of the opportunities and create a platform for shared solutions.


TabTalks thrives in groups (and sunshine), borrowing ideas and building new opportunities with others. Tabatha brings her energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to develop ideas together to help you develop partnerships and design effective meetings or conferences. Working alone is boring and limits creativity.


TabTalks has lots of opinions and relishes any opportunity to share these. Tabatha writes on emerging issues and random thoughts. Her pieces range from deep insights to fiction and everything in between. While usually reflective, TabTalks uses writing to challenge assumptions and be thought provoking.

To learn more about REStrukt, the first suite of games, watch Tabatha’s TEDx: